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Precast Integrated Block System


  • -       Rapid construction, twice as fast as the traditional CMU.
  • -       Fire resistant A1 Class.
  • -       Sound absorption of 50 STC
  • -       Thermal Transmittance (U Value) 0.438 W/m2.K
  • -       Lighter weight.
  • -       The Precast Block Wall System is easily installed.
  • -       The system is anchored to main structure.
  • -       Reduces man-hours and construction time by at least 50%.
  • -       Compressive strength ranges between 15 and 21 Mpa.
  • -       STARTA CO. uses a customized full-automatic cellular light weight concrete mixing system with a built-in pump.


- Compressive Strength range: 15 – 21 Mpa
- Thermal Transmittance (U Value): 0.438 W/m2.k
- Fire Resistance: A1 Class

STARTA LIGHT WEIGHT CONCRETE is an advanced technology of concrete, which includes an expanding agent that increases the volume of the mixture and decreases the dead weight. It depends on producing concrete mixture that is lighter in weight and lower in cost thus raising the level of efficiency and quality.